Sisal Baskets

All Tintsaba baskets are graded according to technical skill and design difficulty.


Master Weaver Collection (baskets only)

These baskets are technically perfect and are judged to be unique. These one of a kind baskets are usually produced by our Master Weavers. Once graded in this category the basket is numbered and certified.


This Master Weaver category is so stringent that there may be years when no baskets are selected.  

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Gallery Grade

Technically perfect.

Craft Grade

Very slight technical weaving imperfections and/or design flaw.


Slight technical weaving imperfection and/or design flaw.


Single colour from women learning to weave. Sold locally only.


Standard basket sizes in cms (diameter) are:

14cm            5.5 in

16cm            6.3 in

22cm            8.7 in

29cm            11.4 in

31cm            12.2 in

Custom sizes are available, please note each basket is hand made and may vary slightly in size.


Tintsaba designs are usually inspired by nature or scenes from rural eSwatini. To view more of our designs please visit our Pinterest page.
If you would like to create your own custom design please contact Tintsaba to inquire.

Blue and Green sisal basket wall display