Other Weaves

The weavers at Tintsaba specialise in the Coil Weave technique, but they are also proficient in other weaving methods. These include the Open Coiled Weave and the Plaited Weave.

Very similar to the Coil Weave technique, the Open Coiled Weave has one main difference in that the inner core is not 'hidden' but rather exposed as part of the design. The internal core can be either grass or dyed sisal, and the threading fiber is generally spun sisal or cotton. This method is used to make larger more robust home decor products like laundry or waste paper baskets and place mats and coasters.

The Plaited Weave, as the name suggests uses a plait. The  fibers are plaited into a long strand. The end of the plait is then turned into itself and continuously wrapped around to create the desired shape. As the shape is developed the weaver then uses needle and spun sisal thread, usually the same colour, to secure the plait in place. This technique is used to make place mats and some of the items in our Natural Jewelry range.


Sisal and feather wall displays


Place mats

Sisal vases in natural colours
Sisal and wood tableware