So, its that time of year yet again. The MTN Bushfire is in ONE MONETH!! If you haven't heard of it, its a 3-Day music festival held in Swaziland. Voted one of the best festivals in Africa last year. And, it's easy to see why, great music, food, venue, people and of course, us!

We are busy preparing for the festival, its a great place for us to test out new products and have some fun with our Festival Collection, which we launched last year. One of our most sort after products were these to die for Ear Cuffs...

Ear Cuffs Festival Wear by Tintsaba

Blue Butterfly Crown by Tintsaba
Flower Crown by Tintsaba

We also did a range of flower and butterfly garlands which were made from hand woven sisal flowers. Each was a one of a kind garland and made locally in Swaziland. This year the Garlands and the Ear Cuffs will be back due to popular as well as a few special one of a kind pieces. To see a few sneak peek shots make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

So check out our stand and don't forget to #BringYourFire. See you there!

Get your tix here.

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