Wild 'Wild Fibers'

Wild Fiber’s Linda Cortright came to Swaziland on a tour, visiting Coral Stephens and a other fiber producers in the region. During her time in Piggs Peak she happened to stumble upon Tintsaba. After speaking to her about our work she decided she wanted to come and see what we do and meet our remarkable women weavers. On tour at Tintsaba she was able to meet some long time standing weavers who now work full time for Tintsaba in our Production, our all female Silver Smith Team and of course the administrative team and designer Zoe Davidson. This week a package came with 2 copies of her magazine ‘Wild Fibers’ featuring a 15 page spread dedicated to Tintsaba. We are so honored and grateful to Linda for her eagerness to understand sisal and even give it a try at spinning the sisal.

Thank you for your time and of course the beautifully written story.

Together we can weave a better life.

The Wild Fiber's magazine that focuses on working with natural fibers Vol 14, Issue 01.

Linda's artical featuring an image of mixed basket sizes in the Poolside colourway

Linda's artical featuring an image (l-r) of mixed basket sizes in the Mother of Pearl / Black and Cream and Rosie (dog) and Richard Freemantle, the Managing Director of Tintsaba.

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